About Patiño

Mickael « Patiño » Brana is a freelance illustrator and artist born in 1990 in Bayonne, France.
He has developed a unique style with two different faces : the illustration side and the fine art side.
His illustrations are funny, fresh and comic. Whereas his art is more melancholic, weird and expressive.
But they are two sides of the same coin. The whole universe of Patiño is a bunch of strange characters, crazy animals and absurd monsters.
He likes to draw with traditional techniques as well as digital, and always keeps experimenting and adding new things into his work.

A propos de Patiño :

Mickael "Patiño" Brana est un illustrateur et artiste français, née en 1990 à Bayonne.
Il a développé un style unique composé de deux différentes facettes : l'illustration et l'art. 
Ses illustrations sont drôles, dynamiques et modernes. Son art quant à lui, est plus mélancolique, étrange et expressif.
Mais ce sont les deux faces de la même pièce. L'univers graphique de Patiño est un mélange de personnages bizarres, d'animaux loufoques et de monstres absurdes.
Il aime aussi bien dessiner à la main que sur ordinateur, et continue d'expérimenter et d'ajouter de nouvelles influences dans son travail.

Exhibitions :

- March 2017 : "101 Faces" Solo exhibition at Nocolor Studio (San Sebastian, Spain).
- February 2017 : "101 Faces" Solo exhibition at Belaza Gallery (Bilbao, Spain).
- January 2017 : "101 Faces" Solo exhibition at Le Microcosme Art Gallery (Bayonne, France).
- September 2016 : Collective exhibition for Le Projet Venus for the prevention of the breast cancer organized by Spacejunk Gallery (Bayonne, France).
- September 2015 : Collective exhibition for the National Contemporary Urban Art Festival LES VIBRATIONS URBAINES (Pessac, France).
February 2014 : Solo exhibition of paintings and illustrations in CAFE COLONIAL (Castellon de la Plana, Spain).
- Novembre 2011 : Participation at the exhibition Pictoplasma at the Gaité Lyrique in Paris. It was a worldwide illustration contest about the famous Yéti (Paris, France).
- Novembre 2009 : Collective exhibition at the Bask Museum in Bayonne featuring painted skateboards (Bayonne, France).

Publications :

- July 2016 : Publication of an illustration on Trauma magazine n°4.
- May 2016 : My first children book has been published by 2 Coqs d'or (Hachette). Buy it here !
October 2015 : Publication of my first little book PANORAMA MENTAL by the Spanish editorial CHUCHERIASDEARTE.
- June 2015 : Publication on one of my illustration on the book DOODLEFORGOOD among 24 artists from across the world.
- February 2012 : Short interview and publication of a painting in the french skate zine «PNzine».
- June 2011 : Publication of an illustration in the fanzine «Cultzine » thanks to a contest based on the theme of music.

Interviews / Articles :

- February 2017 : Publication on Machodominante (spanish).
- December 2016 : Article about my project "A Trip To Patiño's Land" on Colectivo Bicicleta (spanish).
- November 2016 : Article about my project "A Trip To Patiño's Land" on Partfaliaz (french).
- September 2016 : Interview about how to find your style as an illustrator for Friday Illustrated (english).
- September 2016 : Article about my work on STAF MAGAZINE (spanish).
- June 2016 : Article about my work on WEGOTALENT (french).
- June 2016 : Interview on the Vibrations Urbaines 's webpage (french).
- April 2016 : Article about my work on Creative Digest (english).
- April 2016 : Article about my work on ARTEUPARTE (spanish).
- March 2016 : Interview on the spanish magazine MALATINTA (spanish).
February 2016 : Interview on the spanish magazine LAMONOMAGAZINE (spanish).
- February 2016 : Article about my work on WEBDESIGNER TRENDS (french).
February 2016 : Interview on Photoartmag (english).
- January 2016 : The famous blog AREA VISUAL published an article (spanish)
January 2016 : Article about my work on the Spanish blog COSAS VISUALES.
- January 2016 : Publication on ROC21 a famous Mexican blog about design and illustration (spanish)
November 2015 : Winner of the ILLUSTRATION FRIDAY weekly contest with the theme « ink ».
March 2015 : Interview and publication on the website COLECTIVOBICICLETA (spanish).
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