During my art residency in The Pier-2 Art Center (Kaoshiung City, Taiwan), I had to illustrate the dream of a random person.
I did this A3 acrylic painting and they also decided to make a huge print of my work on the wall and on a cardboard piece.

Here is the original dream that I had to illustrate:

"One day, I drift in the ocean, I drift, drift and drift into an island, the island has nothing but only have a big machine. If you have something wanted, you could just to wear the helmet of the machine and then use your imagination.
In the beginning, what I want is like food, toy etc., but the machine has the limit. If you want something to take, you have to crack the challenge and then get the credit to use your imagination.
Then I see a lot of complex stairs appear from my eyes, I need to go up the stairs and find the key to unlock this illusion, I walking, walking and walking, but I could not see the end of stairs. Suddenly, a voice who says "Do you want to give up? I answered" No, I don’t ", again suddenly, I was sent back to that island, I crack the challenge and from now for the next few hours, I live with imagination to take any things I want and crack all the illusion. "

Client: The Pier-2 Art Center
Original painting.
Original painting during the collective exhibition.
My work has been printed on the wall and the cardboard.

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