Last year the professional skateboard photographer Clément Chouleur and some of the best skateboarders out there went on a Trip to Patino's Land.
It's a strange place with great spots where funny and absurd creatures live together. But they didn't use to see skateboarders there, so each monster reacts differently: some are scared, some are exciting and others just don't give a shit about them...A little bit as humans use to react !

Thanks a lot to Clément Chouleur and all the skaters who appear on this project.
Eemi Ahonen, boneless.
Etienne Gros, nosegrind.
Guillaume Guenee, texas-plant.
Jarne Verbruggen, grind early grab out.
Jofrey, backside tailslide.
Léo Valls, backside powerslide.
Leon Chapdelaine
Matisse Banc, smith grind.
Miki, 50-50.
PJ Chapuis, wallie crooked.
Rick McCranck, stalefish.
Steve Malet, 50-50.
Taylor Johnston, Ollie over.
Vincent Coupeau, fs feeble.
Vincent Milou, backside tailslide.
Click play if you want to see how I did these illustrations !
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