"Brain Damage" is my new serie of  paintings I did the last 3 months.

I wanted to paint strange and alone characters mixing them with some crazy doodles.
You can see whatever you want in each of these paintings but they mainly represent our fears, our anxieties, our weirdness and our crazyness.

The titles are, for the most of them, like a little wink of great songs. I let you find them by yourself !
They are all done on 40*50 cm  canvas with acrylic, coffee, pencil, poscas and rotrings.
"Is there anybody in there" 
"Abre los ojos"
"The Doors Of The Thoughts"
"The Scream of The Soul"
"The Whispering Of My Mind"
"You Can't Run Away From Yourself"
"You Lock The Door And Throw Away The Key"
"The Lunatic Is In My Head"
Thank you for watching !

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