There are some  posters I did this last two years.
They are mainly music festival's posters, it's something I really enjoy to do
Mi proposition for the 2012 Heineken Jazzladia's contest.
It's a jazz festival which happens every summer in the city of San Sebastian (Spain).
So I drew a lot of little illustrations in reference  to the jazz story as well as this beautifull city.
A poster I did for an electronic music gig in Biarritz (France).
The idea was to play with the title and the illustration which is a joke difficult to translate in english. But "Ca va défoncer" means something like "it'll be fucking good", that's the reason of this rabbits...
The client asked me for something original, different, with a retro look but as the same time with a modern style.
My proposition for a film festival which happens in Zaragoza (Spain).
The subjetcs were cinema and  ecology, so I did this illustration full of drawings with a lot of references to the cinema as well as to the ecology (I let you discover them ! ).
A proposition for the 2014's Heineken Jazzadlia.
I wanted to play with some simple but funny  illustrations.
An other poster proposition for the same jazz festival.
The poster I did for my first solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and illustrations in EL CAFE COLONIAL, Castellon de La Plana (Spain).
I invited Camilo A who is a friend and good illustrator, to participate to the exhibition.

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